Checklists and cards not listed in Beckett

This is an attempt to aid player collectors in identifying cards that are not indexed by Beckett's online checklists, nor in the annual guide. Representative photos of the cards, packs, and boxes, with appropriate card discriptions are included where known.

The checklists below have been somewhat organized. The first category below (Main-stream issues) are those cards and sets that should definitely be listed by Beckett that have been issued my the main card producting companies of Fleer, UD, Topps, Panini, ect. Other Int'l sets are listed by the main countries in which they were released in. A special cattegory for SGA (Stadium-give-aways) and playing cards have also been created.

If you know of a set that needs to be listed here, please let me know ([email protected])

Main-stream issues (i.e. UD, Fleer, Topps, all NBA Panini, ect.)
1989-90 Panini Sport Basket (Pallacanestro) Italian
1990-91 Panini Stickers GREEK
1991-92 Panini Stickers SPANISH
1993-94 Upper Deck Dealer Promo cards
1994 American Pro Basketball USA stickers (Italian)
1994 Skinnies
1994 Skybox Premium USA (Silver, Gold, Tip-Off)
1994 Upper Deck Int'l (all languages)
1994 Upper Deck French Golden Grahams Cereal
1994-95 Topps Stadium Club Thumbwheels
1995 UD Collector's Choice Promo set
1995 NBA Jam Session Prototype card game
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Int'l (all languages)
1995-96 Fleer European
1995-96 UDCC European Stickers (Argentina version)
1995-96 Upper Deck German Kellogg's Cereal
1996/1997 Space Jam (various sets) Jordan/Bradley/Barkley/Ewing/Bogus/Johnson
1996 Topps Stars Member's Only
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Int'l (all languages)
1996-97 Fleer European
1996-97 Canadian Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
1996-97 UDCC mini's (x/48)
1996-97 UDCC Hula Hoops mini's (HHx/48)
1996-97 Panini Stickers
1997 Upper Deck Kelloggs Sports Stars (Sweden)
1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Int'l (all languages)
1997 Upper Deck Int'l Japanese
1997-98 Upper Deck/Pinnacle Kellogg's Cereal
1997-98 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Int'l (all laguages)
1997-98 Upper Deck Italian Stickers
1998 AT&T Gatorade Phone Cards
199x 7-11 PrePaid Phone Cards
1998 Panini Stickers
1999 Collector's Edge
1999 Panini Stickers
2002-03 Upper Deck Lego

Other US Oddball Issues
1998 NBA TV Interactive Game
1999 NBA Valentines
2000 NBA Valentines
2001 NBA Valentines
2002 NBA Showdown card game
2002 Ultimate Stickers
2002 NBA Valentines
2003 NBA Valentines
2004 NBA Valentines
2005 NBA Valentines
2006 NBA Valentines
2007 NBA Valentines
2008 NBA Valentines
2009 NBA Valentines
2005 Mattel Uno Cetlics/Knicks
2006 Mattel Uno Eastern/Western Conference
2007 NBA Uno Spurs
2007 Boston Celtics team Playing cards

Italian Oddball Issues
1966-67 Campioni Dello Sport (multi-sport set)
1967-68 Campioni Dello Sport (multi-sport set)
1968 Mira Tuttosport I Campionissimi (Lew, Wilt, Dimagio; multi-sport set)
1968-69 Campioni Dello Sport (multi-sport set)
1969-70 Campioni Dello Sport (Dino Meneghin; multi-sport set)
1970-71 Campioni Dello Sport (multi-sport set)
1972 (or 1974?) Sport Vedette Panini Stickers (multi-sport set)
1973-74 Campioni dello Sports (multi-sport set)
1976 Panini Montreal (multi-sport set)
1981-82 Panini Sport Superstars Eurofootball Stickers (multi-sport set)
1985 Panini (Drazen Petrovic, Arvydas Sabonis)
1986 Panini Supersport Stickers (multi-sport set)
1987 SUPERSPORT (English version; multi-sport set)
1988 Panini SUPERSPORT Stickers (multi-sport set)
1987 SUPERSPORT - Giochi Olimpici Di Seul (multi-sport set)
1990 Panini Basket Liga ACB (Italian)
1997 I Grandi Campioni Dello Sport (Italian; multi-sport set)

Spanish Oddball Issues
1970 Sport Yogolate (Spanish)
1984-85 Campeonato de Liga Baloncesto (Spanish)
1985 Ases del Baloncesto (Spanish)
1985-86 J. Merchante - Campeonato de Liga Baloncesto (Spanish)
1986-87 J. Merchante - Campeonato de Liga Baloncesto (Spanish)
1987 Caricaturas 22 (Multi-sport/theme; Spanish)
1987 Gigantes de la NBA (Spanish)
1987 Los 100 Gigantes del Basket Mundial (Spanish)
198x Gigantes del Basket Chewing gum stickers (Spanish)
1987-88 Campeonato de Liga Baloncesto (J.Merchante - Spanish)
1988 Basket 16, Las Estrellas de la NBA (Spanish)
1988 Panini Supersport (Spanish, multi-sport set)
1988-89 Mejora Tu Basket Con Gigantes Del Basket (Spanish)
1988-89 Basket Bollycao (Spanish Nationals)
1989 Gigantes del Basket (Spanish)
1989 Gigantes de la NBA (Spanish)
1989 Los Ases de la NBA (Spanish)
1989 Baloncesto Converse'89 (Spanish)
1989 Phoskitos food issue stickers(Spanish)
1980s SUPER CANASTA Sticker Album(Spanish)
1991-92 Edita Kadima Estrellas del Mundo Sticker Album (Spanish)
1992 Diario 16 USA Basketball Spanish Stickers
1993-94 ACB Fournier Estrellas
1994 FIBA Stickers
1997 XXL Stickers

French Oddball Issues
1994-98 MVP Basket Animagic Flip books and posters
1994-95 French Mickey Magazine
1997 French TV Guide

German Oddball Issues
1995 Magic Sport ID Cards (German)
1990s Bravo Sports (German)
1990s Disney Limit (German)
2007 Bravo Sports (German)
200x Bravo Sports Stickers (German)

Chinese Oddball Issues
199x Chinese 4x6 cards
199x Sports World Dream Team
1997-98 Basketball Illustrated (Chinese)
1998-99 Basketball Illustrated (Chinese)
2000 USA NBA (Chinese)
2001 USA NBA (Chinese)
2001 HIT USA B02 (Chinese)
2001-02 Chinese Feng Bao -Big Rooster(Chinese)
2002 HIT USA BO3 (Chinese)
2002-03 HIT USA B06 (Chinese)
2007 Chinese Bugels

Other Int'l Oddball Issues
1992 Dream Team Stickers and Album (Brazil)
1994 NBA Jam Session Board Game (Australia)
1994 Elite Food Manufacturing Israeli Stickers (NBA set)
1994-95 Carousel NBA (Greek)
1997 Ole NBA stickers (Argentina)
1997 Ole Argentina Stickers (Ginobili, Nicola, Scola, Oberto)
1998 Ole NBA stickers (Argentina)
1998 Ole Argentina stickers (Ginobili, Oberto, Scola)
1998 UK Sported (multi-sport set)
2000-2006 Stadion Club (Czech; multi-sport set)
2002-03 Coca-Cola Korean
2002-03 Total Basketball Stickers (Serbia)
2007 NBA Top Trump(UK)

Special Team issues, promos, Stadium Give-aways (SGA)
1990/1(?) Utah Jazz Hoops team set Colgate
1993-94 Utah Jazz Hoops Old Home Bread
1993-94 Utah Jazz Jam Session Team Night Sheet
1994-95 Utah Jazz Hoops Old Home Bread
1994-95 Utah Jazz Arby's disks
1997-98 Utah Jazz Upper Deck Arby's
1999-00 Utah Jazz Hoops Decade Old Home Bread
2001 New Jersey Nets Team Night Sheet SGA
2003 Denver Nuggett's Citgo SGA
2004/05 UD Orlando Magic SGA
2004 Upper Deck Pepsi Promo Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady

Playing cards:
1989 Chinese playing cards (multi-sport)
EPSN Magazine (multi-sport)
Chinese #98118 (Jordan and players box)
Chinese #9808 (GUANLANYINGXIONGPUKE; Jordan and Kobe box)
Chinese #2010 Slam Dunk (Shaq and Lakers box)
Chinese #808 (Jordan USA and Rodman box)
Chinese #108 NBA Giant Star Quality Goods Poker (Barkley/Campbel, blue-ball Jordan)
Chinese #108 Generic (no Chinese; Barkley/Campbel, blue-ball Jordan)

Chinese #108 NBA (Jordan/Bryant, blue-ball Jordan)
Chinese NBA (GuangBo PC 208; Jordan orange/purple box)
Chinese (Mourning/Jordan box)
2004-05 NBA All-Star History
2005-06 NBA All-Star Playing Cards
2006 NBA All-Star Playing Cards (Houston)
2007 NBA All-Star Playing Cards (Las Vegas)
2008 NBA All-Star Playing Cards (New Orleans)
2009 NBA All-Star Playing Cards (Pheonix)
2004-05 NBA Caricature Playing Cards
2005-06 NBA Caricature Playing Cards
2006-07 NBA Caricature Playing Cards
2007 NBA Playing cards: Bucks
2007 NBA Playing cards: Lakers
2007 NBA Playing cards: Cavaliers
2007 NBA Playing cards: Spurs
2007 NBA Playing cards: Nuggets
2007 NBA Playing cards: Celtics
2007 NBA Playing cards: Mavericks
2007 NBA Playing cards: Heat
2007 NBA Playing cards: Rockets
2007 Chinese Round NBA Playing cards
2008 NBA Olypmic Dream Team playing cards
200x NBA 54 Chinese playing cards
2006 China NBA Hoops Shoe Playing Cards
2006 China Hoop Playing Cards
Russian (soccer, 2 series)